Some may wonder, “Why ‘stadtmensch’?”  This blog acquired it’s name when I was on vacation in Bavaria.  While I was there with my family, I was joking about how the TV show, The Simpsons, would be translated into German.  I decided to look up the word for “dude” in German.  The German-English dictionary I had at the time translated it as, you guessed it, “stadtmensch”.  However, literally translated, the word means “city man”.  When thinking of what topics to write about and what to name my blog, I wanted to create a blog on the intersection of faith with our callings, communities, and cultures.  After all, it all begins with Christ and his calling for our lives.  That calling is lived out in our places of community with family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers.  As we live out our callings in the various contexts of our lives a culture is invariably born.  So then I thought, what better name for it than “stadtmensch”….”city man”?

I have recently changed the tag line to simply “Christ and Calling”.  The above impact of Christ on our communities and cultures is still true and I will still touch on topics related to community and culture, but I find that a blog is better if it has a more narrow focus.  So now the blog is focused on the dynamic relationship between our spiritual formation in Christ and how that plays out in Christ’s calling on our lives.


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